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Name John W Reeves Jr
From Rutherford County, Tennessee
Death August 22, 1944
War  World War II
RankBSecond Lieutenant
BranchBUS Army Air Corps
GroupB484th Bomber Group, Heavy, 824th Bomber Squadron
CauseBHostile, Killed in Action
Awarded★ Purple Heart
He had enlisted in the United States Army Air Forces. Served during World War II. Reeves had the rank of Second Lieutenant. Service number assignment was O-704854. Attached to 484th Bomber Group, Heavy, 824th Bomber Squadron.
During his service in World War II, Army Air Forces Second Lieutenant Reeves experienced a traumatic event which ultimately resulted in loss of life on August 22, 1944. Recorded circumstances attributed to: FOD - Finding of Death, Killed in Action. Incident location: Hungary.
He was on the crew of the B-24J Liberator #42-50934B based out of Toretta Air Field, Italy. They were shot down during a mission over Hungary.
We identified 9 casualties in our archive that might be related to the #42-50934B incident on August 22,
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