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Post Committee's

Jerry Stewart - 8/21/2021


We are looking for volunteers for the following committees if you are interested let one of us know.

Fundraising – The purpose of this committee is to come up with fundraisers for the post, and to plan them, and over see them.

Recruitment – This committee will oversee recruiting new post members from the Rutherford County area.

House Committee – Will be taking the lead in finding us our own building to meet at.  And the possibility of sharing it with other Veteran Organizations here in Rutherford County.

Community Outreach Committee: We would like two groups for this committee.

Community Outreach Organization Committee – would deal with working with local government (City, County, and State), Local Chamber of Commerce, and other non-profits, and Veteran Organizations.

Individual Outreach – Would lead service projects helping our fellow Veterans.

We are asking that all members volunteer 2 hours a month in helping with fundraising and recruiting new members.

The leadership is hoping this will help install pride in our post by including everyone in post activities.